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A quick look at image stabilisation

Image stabilisation helps you get a sharper picture. Good images rely on a steady hand or a tripod. You also get a help from the image stabilisation in your camera or lens. These systems help your lens stay steady. Here … Continue reading

Definition: Image stabiliser; Image stabilisation

Image stabiliser; Image stabilisation The term “Image stabilisation” represents a number of technologies for reducing blurring from camera movement during exposure. The image stabilisation mechanism compensates for movement in pan (lateral twisting or yawing movement) and tilt (vertical or pitching … Continue reading

Three easy photography time savers

Making time by saving time. We would all like to spend more time with our camera. If we can save time on our shots we will have time to take more of them. It is about being photographically efficient. 1. … Continue reading

The advantages and disadvantages of live view

Live view is here to stay. What are the good and bad aspects of this technology? Should we be using it? What does it offer the DSLR user over the time honoured viewfinder system? In this post we look at … Continue reading

Simple mistakes to avoid in photography

The quick way to improve: …Is undoubtedly to listen to the mistakes that others made. Here are some easy things you can do to improve your photography in leaps and bounds. Getting lots of practice is the first step. The … Continue reading

The Zen of sharpness – 12 easy ways to improve

Making sharp images takes knowledge and practice. Photographers often wonder why they cannot reproduce publication sharpness. It’s not difficult, but there is more to it than clicking away. Here we look at all the factors that may affect sharpness. Seven … Continue reading

The benefits of 100% viewing

Check sharpness right through. One of the mistakes that beginners make is not to get the sharpness right into the image. Often it looks good on screen. Below the surface it’s not so good. When you open the image up … Continue reading