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Write for Photokonnexion

Why not write an article for Photokonnexion?

How to send in an article for publication

(You can submit an idea or article at the bottom of this page).
We would love to publish your article on this site. Here are some ideas on what to write about…

  • A tip to share.
  • Wonderful locations – how and what to photograph there.
  • Your best ever photograph – show it off! Give us the tip that made it work.
  • Something you have learned that might help others
  • A photographic word definition or phrase.
  • A book review.
  • Your insights or ideas on some aspect of photography.
  • Your opinion about some aspect of photography.

There are lots of other possibilities too.

Feel free to send us an idea if you would like to discuss it. We would also be happy for you to just send us an article too. Just submit it at the bottom of this page.

Write articles or Tips…

We accept articles or tips on most photographic subjects.

Your article must be…

  • Original: written by you.
  • Unpublished: Is not currently published anywhere else.
  • Exclusive: Will only be published on Photokonnexion at any time.

Apart from that we are open to any ideas or submissions.

Some things to help you write for us

What’s in it for you? You’ll be named as the article author. We will link to your website or other place. Our readers like to read around and your link will help them see a new perspective and take an interest in your site.

Keep it simple: Simple ideas and language help everyone. If you provide links that helps too. We appreciate easy reading.

Number of words: Aim for more than 700 words. We like to give our readers a full and informative read.

Emphasis: On Photokonnexion we want to provide our readers with information that will help them learn about photography. Providing depth of explanation is important. We like tips, tricks and tutorial material. Our readers will come away from your article having learned about their passion.

Pictures etc.: We like to publish pictures with each article. You must own the copyright, but we do want to include your pictures too. We will only use the picture associated with your article. You retain the copyright and can use your picture elsewhere. Diagrams, and other media, including videos are also great ways to reach an audience.

Please note: we only accept these file types by email: .pdf, .txt, .gif, .jpg. Other file types can be posted online. Then, send us a link so we can check it out. Thanks.

Roll of honour: You will also be included on our authors and contributors page with another link to your site, Facebook page or other social network resource.

Regular exposure: To help you get more traffic to your article(s) we publish past articles on a regular basis to our Twitter stream (@photokonnexion). This means your article is regularly seen by a large audience for the foreseeable future.

More information…

While we don’t guarantee publication we do look forward to hearing from you. We are happy to help you write your article. We may edit it to match our house style and to help readers’ understanding. So don’t worry too much about perfect English, spelling and grammar. We can help with that. The aim is to get new ideas and people known through our site.

More on publishing on our ‘Mission and Policies’ page.

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