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Camera technology has developed over the years!

Camera technology has developed over the years… today it is more accessible.
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Understand the basics

Modern technology makes photography accessible and popular. Deep technical knowledge is not necessary. However, a little understanding helps you make great images. The pages listed here concentrate on basic knowledge to help you master your equipment without needing to become a technical expert.

Camera Technology

How the CCD Digital Image Sensor Works
Definition: Focal Plane Mark
Definition: Sensor; Image Sensor; Digital Image Sensor
Definition: Shutter Speed
Shutter Speed Exposed!
Size Does Matter… Sensor size explained.
Definition: Shutter Button
Shutter button
Definition: DSLR; Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera
The DSLR – all about it..
What is an SLR?
Definition: Adjustable Camera
What is an Adjustable Camera?
Do you know what your DSL Shutter is Doing?
Definition: Hunting, Auto-focus


Lenses have their own page: Lenses

Other Photography Equipment

DIY Camera Chest Harness for Weak Hands & Arms

Memory Cards

Memory Card Rotation – play it safe
20 Ways to Protect Files on Memory Cards (Part 1)
20 Ways to Protect Files on Memory Cards (Part 2)

Files and Software

Important File formats – JPG
Important File Formats – RAW
Definition: RAW; RAW format files; TIFF; DNG; NEF; CR2; CRW
Definition: EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format)
Definition: Lossless compression; Lossless format;
Definition: Lossy compression; lossy format; lossy

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