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Street photography is fun and challenging

• Intense Communication – street style •
Street photography is fun and challenging. Find out more here.
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• Intense Communication •
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Street photography is fun!

This page is about links to resources to help the street photographer. The links below take you to pages across the site with articles on all aspects of the the subject. There are articles of general interest and more direct help. Also check out our Photographic Glossary for definitions and detailed articles.




Our all-time top street photogs post…

Forty six quick street photography tips

Defining the subject

Definition: Street Photography
Do you know what street photography is? A look behind the scenes

General resources

Forty six quick street photography tips
Street photog law – a simple approach
Five Steps to Help Your Street Photography
How to succeed at street photography in 5 Minutes
A simple lesson in street photography
The mistake we make with holiday photography
Street Portraits… a great guide
Portrait vs. Candid – overcome the fear
Three “laws” of street photography that will help you
Five simple tips for making street portraits
Three tips – a moment of history
Three great tips for travel and street photography

Street photographers

Learn from the insights of famous photographers
The father of photo-journalism – photographic heroes (pt 3) – Henri Cartier-Bresson
Fantastic street photography insights by the master himself
A brave expression of passion – photographic heroes (pt 2) – Diane Arbus

Interesting videos (information and tutorials)

Street Portraits… a great guide
Five Steps to Help Your Street Photography
Get talking to your street photography subjects…
Famous street photographer talks about his work and techniques (interesting background and insights).

More information on the web…

Three secrets of a committed street photographer  External link - opens new tab/page