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Street photography law – a simple approach

Common sense is the best guide. Staying clear of the law is pretty easy if you follow common sense rules. These follow from good principles of established manners and social skills. Here is a simple summary to help you out. … Continue reading

Shooting tethered… easy control, excellent shots

Photography phactoids number 003. When you are trying to get it right a high resolution screen is a great support. A significant development in photography is the screen on the camera. How would you feel about seeing your picture even … Continue reading

How to take a test shot

Ever taken a shot without thinking? …And regretted it later. We all have. Yet it’s simple to run through a simple check list and do a few test shots. In this article we look at setting up that procedure. What … Continue reading

An easy trick to capture the shot others missed

When is the best time to photograph? There are as many answers to that as there are reasons to take a picture. But we all know how wonderful the golden hour is for photography. Here is another idea for a … Continue reading

New verses the old – photography in flux

Photography has changed a lot in a short time. As a result there has been a global image revolution. Photography is the latest form of communication that has moved into the public realm. Sometimes we need to be careful about … Continue reading

Beginners mistakes and how to overcome them

Everyone has to start somewhere Most aspiring photographers make simple, easily avoidable, mistakes. What’s surprising is how many photographers go on making the same mistakes despite information being freely available. To save you frustration here are the top mistakes I … Continue reading

Have fun, take great shots – photography at the zoo

The zoo is a rich playground for photographers. All sorts of opportunities pop up for you. First off, concentrate on getting your pictures sharp and well composed. We will be looking at a few other ideas to help you on … Continue reading