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• Giant Snails •

• Giant Snails •
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• Giant Snails • By Netkonnexion on Flickr External link - opens new tab/page
Giant snails are great macro subjects. They have lovely skin and shell textures.

Macro photography resources on Photokonnexion

Macro photography is all about getting close up to the smaller things in life. Enlargements, detail and new perspectives bring out so much wonder. Here are the resources we provide to help you get started.

Starter resources

Get Started with Macro Photography
Definition: Macro photography; Close-up photography; photomacrography; macrography
Definition: Macro Lens

General macro resources

Inexpensive Close-Up Photography – Pt. 1. close-up rings
Inexpensive Close-Up Photography – Pt. 2. Reverse Rings
Inexpensive Close-Up Photography – Pt. 3. Extension Tubes
Inexpensive Close-Up Photography – Pt. 4. Tips and Tricks

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