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Our Policies and Mission are set out on this page. Through these policies we aim to provide a free, simple, and fun resource. We want to help you learn new skills and improve your photography. The site is designed with you in mind. Our aim is to improve the site and your experience. So, we welcome feedback to help.

Our Policies

  • Commitment:

    We are committed to providing a free and open resource on photography aimed at those who want to learn. So, we are setting examples and helping learners. That aim entails a responsibility. So,  we will work honestly, responsibly and within the policies below.

    The Editor is prepared to review content. However,  we have to make decisions. So, we will happily make changes or to improve the site. However, our editorial decisions are final.

    The policies below aim to provide a reasonable approach in our work.

    Our emphasis on honesty and responsibility is a serious editorial commitment. So, we also look forward to your feedback and constructive comments.

    Please feel free to Contact us… regarding these policies or our mission

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Please contact us and express your opinions about our site, our content and our policies.

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We would like to remind everyone that Photokonnexion.com is keen to support learning and development of our users. However, we are a business and have to protect ourselves against criminal or malicious activity.

Please respect these policies. They reflect our need to make all decisions final. However, we will attempt to stay within the law  Mission and Policies :: Law and Legal matters on Wikipedia | External link - opens new tab/page where applicable and insofar as it is possible.

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