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The Aperture in Action
What is the Aperture?
The Iris Diaphragm – Controlling Incoming Light
How Does the Lens Create an Image on the Sensor?
Understanding the photographic lens in simple terms
Definition: Image stabiliser; Image stabilisation
A quick look at image stabilisation
Definition: Dioptre; Diopter
Small apertures can mean soft images – why?
What is the aperture range of a lens?
Getting started with a new lens
Definition: Photographic Lens; Camera Lens; Photographic objective; Lens
Definition: Fixed focus lens
The secret character of your lens – faces show it…
Are your pictures distorted? Considered a 50mm?
Quick Tips to Save your Lens
Lens designation; Lens Marques; Full Frame designation; APS-C designation; Brand lens designation
Lenses and designations? Confused? An easy guide

Buying lenses

Buying some lenses is throwing away good money
Finding lenses and buying to suit your needs
Three simple tips to help you buy camera equipment

Macro Lenses

Definition: Macro Lens
Inexpensive Close-Up Photography – Pt. 1. close-up rings
Inexpensive Close-Up Photography – Pt. 2. Reverse Rings
Inexpensive Close-Up Photography – Pt. 3. Extension Tubes

Normal Lens

Definition: Normal Lens
Are your pictures distorted? Considered a 50mm?

Wide angle lenses

Using a wide angle lens

Zoom lenses

Are you sacrificing image quality with a zoom lens?
Definition: Zoom Lens
Telephoto lens


Fixed focus lens
f number; f stop; Stop
Glass (lens)
Image stabiliser; Image stabilisation
Interchangeable photographic lens
Iris Diaphragm; Diaphragm; Iris
Lens Body
Lens Mount
Long Focus Lens
Macro Lens
Normal Lens
Photographic Lens; Camera Lens; Photographic objective; Lens
Prime Lens
Telephoto lens
Zoom Lens
Lens hood;
Optical lens
Lens element

Videos about lenses

How do you make a camera lens?
Using a wide angle lens
Why pro-photographers insist on using lens hoods
Broaden your lens and focal length knowledge


A quiz about lenses… what do you know?

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