Night Photography

Night photography is fun and rewarding.

Night photography – it’s fun, easy to do and rewarding too.

Resources, articles and links

This is the place to find links to information and articles about night photography. While night photography is carried out in low light conditions there are many sources of light even at night. The problem is how to capture the light and what settings you should use to make the best of the light you capture. The resources here are aimed at providing a rounded and informative view of how to do night photography.

Articles to introduce night photography
  1. Preparing for a Night Shoot
  2. Out on a Night Shoot – Night Composition
  3. Six things you must know for night shoots
  4. Shooting very long night exposures
  5. Six tips about photographing silhouettes
  6. How to do night photography when starting out (includes a video exploring settings for night photography).
Helpful for night photography

Some things you should know about on-camera flash
Is your shot ruined by bright white spots? (discusses the ‘blinkies’)
Can You Use the Histogram on Your camera
EXIF – look at your image files to see what camera settings you used
What is the ‘Bulb’ Setting?
Definition: Bulb Setting

Night photography tutorials and activities

Night photography – beautiful images, new ways of seeing
Night photography – let the sparks fly!

Night Photography Links

“Star Tracks – Google Images search”  External link - opens new tab/page
About Silhouettes on Wikipedia External link - opens new tab/page

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