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Portrait passion…

Portraiture is of passionate interest to photographers. On this page you will find resources that relate to different aspects of taking portraits.

The techniques and skills needed for making great portraits are quite varied. Here is a tip. There are six things you need to pay attention to for a great portrait. You must sort out: Location; Lighting, Background, Posing, Props, camera settings. Look out for these in the resources below…

Techniques, tips and tricks

Definition: Portraiture
Six things to consider for starting portraiture
Ten simple ideas to help your portraiture improve
Simple techniques for photographing yourself
Three quick tips for photographing people at work for your employer
Portraits come from you and the sitter
Portrait context is about the artist as well as the subject
Five tips to help your portraiture from the Renaissance
Shooting tethered… easy control, excellent shots
Some Quick Portrait Tips (A video for portrait starters).
Catchlights… Bring your portraits alive
The Eyes Have It… nine ways to emphasize eyes
Portraits – Three Tips and the Work of the Masters
Simple portrait tips, excellent advice (Video)
Engaging portraits – it’s all in the hands
Ten simple ideas to help your portraiture improve
Easy ways to avoid reflections on eye glasses
The Red-Eye Effect
Engaging portraits – it’s all in the hands
Simple portrait tips, excellent advice

Portraiture lighting

Classic Portrait Lighting
Light and Lighting – Resource pages on Photokonnexion
How to work with reflectors… essential!
Use window light for portraits
Catchlights… Bring your portraits alive
Natural Light Portraiture – with reflected fill-in light
How to shoot bright white backgrounds
Simple portrait lighting for anyone to try (pt.1)
Simple portrait lighting for anyone to try (pt.2)
Do you understand the play of light on faces?


Portrait vs. Candid – overcome the fear
Simple positions for classic portrait work
The left side of the face is the most pleasing
How to use camera angle to change body shape

Portraiture environments, locations and backgrounds

Street Portraits… a great guide
Outdoor lighting – Getting into Portraits
A simple way to make and use a seamless white wall
The secrets of good backgrounds

Lenses and camera control

Tips for doing wide-angle shots (A section on portraits)
Some things you should know about on-camera flash
The secret character of your lens – faces show it…

Group portraiture

Seven easy tips to improve your group photography
Three great ideas to make group shots more compelling
Heads together – the more intimate pose

Masters of portraiture

A brave expression of passion – photographic heroes (pt 2) – Diane Arbus
Aiming high… An approach to portraiture Nadav Kander – his portraiture.

The history of portraiture and Renaissance Portraiture

Portraiture in Renaissance and Baroque Europe  External link - opens new tab/page
Renaissance portrait examples from Google Images  External link - opens new tab/page