50 ways to do it at the weekend!

Inspiration – just when you need it

When it comes to photography the inspiration seems to be there until you actually pick up the camera. I must admit I have ‘idea’ days and I have brain-dead days. So sometimes it helps to get a few ideas from somewhere else when it comes to brain dead days.

I have added below a short video with lots of interesting photos to set you thinking. The fun thing is that most of these pictures give you ideas for doing shots with stuff lying around the house. That is great because it does not require much activity to get going and do something with your camera. That’s just right for the weekend.

Here are three tips to help you when doing still life or shoots with things from around the house…

  • Make sure everything is absolutely clean. It is so easy to ruin a shot because it is dirty or dusty. When it is opened up in full size you will see dirt all over if you do not clean it properly before the shot.
  • Use soft lighting. It is very difficult to make hard light look atmospheric or effective unless you are doing a murder scene!
  • Use longer exposures than if you were taking shots outside and a use a tripod too.

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