Take an easy shot that looks like an impressive jump

Perception tells you one thing – the story of the shot another.

Extraordinary shots are the photographers goal. They’re fun and high impact. You can have a lot of fun fooling your viewer with a simple shot that is easy to take.

Here is a very quick video that lets you into the secret of taking really cool jumping shots. It’s all about point of view. Bryan Peterson, shows you how to take great jump shots and includes all the information you need to know to take the shot including the camera settings. The result is excellent…

Uploaded by AdoramaTV on Sep 16, 2011
AdoramaTV Presents “You Keep Shooting” with Bryan Peterson.

We might not all have a mountain range nearby to take photos like Bryan. However, I am sure you can apply the same technique in all sorts of places. How about in front of the elevated roadway? Or in front of a tall building? The shot looks dangerous but its all about perception. Give it a go in a location near you!

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