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Using your photos – ten ideas for crafts and gifts

Using your photos for gifts and crafts

• Using your photos •
Putting your photos to good use as gifts and crafts.

Why do you take photos? Most of them are never used.

We all like to see our shots when they are finished. But the vast majority go unused. They’re left in a folder for storage. What about actually using your photos? Artists have many different ways of using their shots. But most of us do not.

Using your photos – get motivated…

There is more to art than its existence. It must be seen too. We put a lot into our photography. Shame! All that work and energy – then nothing. Maybe it’s time to think about what we can achieve with our photos. This is a chance to get motivated for something more.

Some ideas for using your photos

Using your photos for positive things can be really satisfying. It’s a really great outcome for your interest. With some simple ideas you can produce some lovely things. Here are some ideas…

A host of projects for using your photos

You’ve seen some ways you can use your photos for craft projects and for great gifts.You will get great satisfaction for using your photos to make others feel good.

There are many other ways you could also use this craft idea. You can help some people who are not as privileged as you. These ideas make great revenue raisers for charity and care organisations. If you work for an organisation that needs to raise funds think of ways you can use these inexpensive methods of making things to sell. Benefits and fund raisers are great places to raise extra cash. Charities are ever grateful for such support.

There are probably many more crafts, and ways you can help others by using your photos. Have fun. Help people feel good. Check out some of the links above and come up with some ideas of your own.

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