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Understanding seeing – ideas to help you see the scene

What do we really see?

We rarely see things as flat and two dimensional like they are in a photo. We see in 3D. However, that 3D view is something we build up in our minds. How we construct that view helps us to understand how to make our photographs life-like.

The important ‘seeing’ for the photographer is understanding the arrangements of scene elements in a 3D form. Keep in mind that it is the detail that is important for photographers. The detail creates an image in the mind of the viewer when they look at a flat two dimensional picture. It is this image that is important to the viewer. If we fail to create that then the picture stays flat and unappealing on the page or screen in front of them.

In the slide show we see a little about how we build up a three dimensional view. Then we look in more detail at how the eye can pick out elements in the scene which help us to view the details in a 3D way. The video is meant to help people with how to break down a scene for drawing. But the artistic principles are the same for all artists and photographers.

Decomposing the process of seeing

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