Simple philosophy, simple photography

The moment you look down a lens you see life differently.

It is almost as if what you see is disconnected from the ‘you’ standing there. Actually, as your photography develops, seeing through the lens becomes an extension of yourself. Photography is a continuous process of becoming connected to what you photograph. You want more detail and more insight as you see more through your glass.

It’s a part of the human condition to enjoy life, through which we gain insights. Such insights come also from the painful things we see. Pain and pleasure are two ends of the same scale. It is little wonder that photographers, and artists, through the ages have been both seers and the afflicted.

Our view of the world reflects the perceptive filter we use. If we see life as difficult – it is. If we see life as wonderful – it is. We turn on our own filter and see our own world. We create our own type of reality.

When we photograph we speak to the viewer. We tell them what we see. We transmit an image of our seeing. Our photographic insight is our communication.

As you grow in your photography try to say something important about your pain or pleasure. Perhaps not with every picture. Perhaps not every time you pick up your camera. But, do think about it. Do try to say something. Make it simple and meaningful. If possible, make it beautiful and insightful.

Succeed a few times in passing simple, beautiful messages, and before long your photography becomes your philosophy.

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