Could you make an iconic picture?

There are very few iconic pictures created every year world-wide.

Some of the most iconic pictures are taken by journalists. They visit difficult places and see sights to challenge the human spirit. Here are some pictures that tug our heart strings.

The video below shows thirty one iconic pictures from the last century which have a lasting punch. They are mainly taken by journalists and they all have a collective impact. It is a short video, yet in those few minutes I was moved to tears. There is something that smashes your defences in an iconic shot. However, a lot of the pictures in the video would not have the impact without the title text. It is important to have a context even for an iconic picture.

Three Iconic photographs missed in the video

The video also set me thinking about a few pictures that were not in the video that have had a powerful effect on me as a photographer. They are clearly brilliant photographs. I include them here because they also show class, lasting punch and great skill. There are many more, but these spring to mind.
Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry External link - opens new tab/page – (in Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia)
Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans by Michael Appleton; 2005 External link - opens new tab/page

The World’s Most Powerful Photographs…

Published on Aug 1, 2012 by BuzzFeedVideo

Video: What makes a great photograph great?
Music: “Hypnagogia,” By Andrea Rossi

1. Robert Capa
2. No official citation. Army photographer referred to as Major Benjamin
3. Heinrich Hoffman
4. Citation not given
5. John Dominis
6. Jeff Widener
7. Claude P. Dettloff
8. Stan Stearns
9. Aaron Thompson.
10. CFP – Photographer not given
11. Héctor Rondón Lovera
12. Yomiuri Shimbun
13. Mark Pardew
14. Nevine Zaki
15. Marc Riboud
16. No Official citation. Possibly George Mejat
17. KOREA POOL – Photographer not given
18. Goran Tomasevic
19. Cecil Stoughton
20. Vanderlei Almeida
21. Getty – Photographer not given
22. No citation given. Photographs are on English Russia if you’re interested.
23. AP. Photographer not given
24. No official citation
25. Jeff Roberts
26.Str / AFP – Getty – Photographer not given
27. Louie Favorite
28. Getty – Photographer not given
29. Can’t find this one.
30. This has gotten so saturated over the internet, the original is near-impossible to find.
31. William Anders
(many thanks to BOSOX9004 for compiling,!!)

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