Camera battery charged? Never make a mistake

We all need batteries.

Our DSLRs don’t work without them. We need them charged too. Here is a quick tip to ensure you know you have it right.

Camera battery charged? Which one?

I have a whole range of camera batteries and rechargeables for various things. These tend to go most places where I take my camera gear. They cover all my needs as a pro-photog. If you are starting out perhaps you have one camera battery. Perhaps you have some rechargeables too. These are for your flashlight and off-camera flash? Well, you have to charge them right?

If I turned up to a shoot without a camera battery charged my clients would be let down. In order to cover myself I have a system.

I have soft pencil case in my kit bag. It is big enough for all my batteries. Inside I keep another small bag. When I need a camera battery, or others, it’s simple. I reach into the pencil case and pull one out.

The discharged camera battery goes into the smaller bag. I seal it and put it into the pencil case. When I return to the office I open the smaller bag and recharge the batteries. This is so easy, it is almost a reflex.

The system works for any number of batteries. Where ever you go you will have a camera battery charged and ready to go. All it needs is to charge the ones in the small bag when you get home.

There are other systems. I have a friend who wraps a rubber band around each charged camera battery. He knows which is ready to go. Mind you his kit bag always seems to have rubber bands in the bottom. But the system works. It is not so useful for those other batteries you need. The important thing is to to identity charged batteries and ones waiting to be charged.

Only one camera battery?

You are in trouble! If you forget to charge that one camera battery you have a problem. Once you turn up to a shoot like that you are stuck. This is a recommendation. Buy a second camera battery. You will always get a shoot like that. That is even if the other battery is not charged.

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