The Aperture in Action

Seeing the aperture in action

In a previous post I showed a video that documented how a camera shutter works. Quite a short video, it looked at what happens when the shutter button is pressed and the shutter is activated. In the video below the authors have used a high speed video camera shooting at 1000 frames per second. They have used it to examine how a Nikon D4 shoots video at eleven frames per second. This Nikon is actually taking eleven still photographs per second.

From our point of view, in this video you can see, the shutter working, the cameras’ mirror lifting and the aperture opening and shutting. In particular the open/shut movement of the aperture shows how it changes the size of the hole in the centre of the diaphragm. It is worth taking a moment to see this in action. It is a great demonstration of the working aperture. If you read about the iris-diaphragm, you will understand how the aperture and iris mechanism works to create the aperture and to change its size. The part with the working diaphragm is near to the end of the video.
Video Authors: Scheimpflug Employees Jason Kolsch, and Jayson Jordan

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