The secret steps in taking photographs – infographic

Taking photographs Infographic

• Infographic showing the various steps in taking photographs •
This is a guide to what you should be doing each time you take a shot.

Free infographic Download… “Taking Photographs”

In anything needing skill, the details make or break the outcome. Examining the steps in the process of taking photographs gives us an important insight. I have designed the free infographic for you so that you can think about the process of taking photographs in its full detail.

Each step in the graphic brings out skills I have written about on this blog. The different steps in taking photographs can be related to articles and definitions posted previously.

You can download a *.pdf of this infographic in full size…
       Infographic download – Process of taking photographs.
                     (Full page print version – landscape).

Tomorrow I will go through this infographic in detail. I will provide links and comments to show the meaning of each of step. Print off the graphic and think about what each stage means before reading the next article.

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