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A few powerful words to help you be successful

We all have doubts about our photography.

And, sometimes it’s like we are never going to get there. We are on the edge of success yet we never seem to tip the balance. At times like this it helps to know we are not alone.

This video is not directly aimed at photographers, but the message conveyed is valid for us. In this short video Ira Glass, broadcaster, author and story-teller, explains about the gap between aspiration and achievement…


As photographers we fall into the same traps to which all other creative people succumb. The weak willed give up, no matter how much time and effort they have put in. The mediocre will carry on doing what they did before. The persistent will look at the situation and try to find ways through.

For my part, I urge you to be thankful for each image you make. If it doesn’t make the grade, you have set yourself standards that push the boundaries. Good! If you are wilful, each not-quite-success builds your strength and character. Aspire to improve with every shot. Eventually, you will get there. The more you put in, the quicker it will be.

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