Inspiration? What about all the other photos on a subject?

Mushrooms have been done before! Don't let that stop you doing it your way.

Mushrooms have been done before! Don’t let that stop you doing it your way. Inspiration is about expressing yourself – letting your passion out. Just do it!
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Nothing’s new under the sun – except your way of doing it…

I have often been told that you need a ‘big/new idea’ to start a successful business. And, I have often replied… “what rubbish!” I agree that successful businesses need good ideas. Some businesses work with new ideas. But no business ever worked with just a big/new idea. The other ingredients are very important too. You need an angle on good customer care. Your product should be good. You need to sell it right… Well, you get the point. There is much more to a business than the idea. So it is with photographs.

I put a picture of mushrooms here for a reason. Look at Google images: mushrooms  External link - opens new tab/page. Google tells me there are “About 77,000,000 results”. Yes, seventy seven million images of mushrooms. They are pretty interesting subjects and there are lots of ways to think about them. There are even more ways to photograph them if you work all the different angles too. Getting the right shot means you have to have more than one pop at the subject.

When struggling for inspiration you don’t need a big/new idea to make a great photograph. You just need to put something of ‘you’ into your shot. Your idea is good enough. If you do it well your viewers will like your image regardless of all the others. Do not be put off. Have a go anyway. Your interpretation and your art will make it worthwhile.

Photography is fun! But more than anything photography is about expressing yourself and your passion. So, instead of being put off by the other images – look at a few and be inspired.

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