Ten simple tips to help your photography…

Ten Tips about self expression. It takes time and effort to learn to communicate

Ten Tips about self expression. It takes time and effort to learn to communicate.

…but which are not about taking photographs.

It’s great to learn all about taking photos. But, sometimes you need to learn other things. Your skill is affected by things beyond photographic skills. Appreciate the whole experience. It is not just pushing the button that counts.

Photography is a form of self expression. It takes time and commitment to improve that. You need to focus on it. Think about releasing energy. Your creative energy. To improve self expression in photography, learn how to do in many ways. Not only through your pictures.

Self expression – release the inner you…
  1. If you are doing photography to be famous – try something else.
  2. Great images are only made by well prepared photographers who concentrate and attend to detail.
  3. Try the methods of other photographers. Don’t copy them. Be you. Work to be better.
  4. Make friends who also do photography. Learn from each other.
  5. Make mistakes freely – but work to improve everything.
  6. Observe yourself. Know you, know your photography.
  7. Work to improve you. Good photography will follow. Improvement is a habit. It comes out in everything you do.
  8. Improve your writing, talking, drawing, photography… all your self expression. Your passion only shows if you can freely express yourself.
  9. Always pack more warm clothes than you need. You cannot concentrate and be creative if you are cold.
  10. Openly discuss your opinions about photography. Talking helps you learn. Self expression takes practice.
Why self expression?

Study how YOU communicate. Then you will know how your self expression works. Photography is like every form of art. It is a way of talking to the world. You are talking to those who see your pictures. Expressing yourself through this medium is about learning self expression in general. That includes the way you communicate in other ways. If your general communication improves you will help your photography. Your new self-knowledge will show itself through self expression in your photography.


Damon Guy (Netkonnexion)

Damon is editor of Photokonnexion. He has professional experience in photography, writing, image libraries, and computing. He is an experienced, webmaster and a trained teacher. Damon runs regular training for digital photographers.
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