Embarrassing moment… It happens to us all

Everyone has done it!

I was in conversation the other day with someone who has just started using a DSLR for the first time. She admitted to having an embarrassing moment when trying to make a photograph. Here’s the story… and then a joke to follow too.

Happy moments… then a “Duh!” moment

Our hapless beginner went out for a couple of hours to take some pics with the new DSLR. After many pictures she turned off the camera and headed back to the car. Then something caught her eye she wanted to capture. Turning on her camera, she couldn’t see anything.

In her own words, “I thought perhaps it was a combination of the brightness of the sun and my sunglasses. So I took off my glasses again and looked. I still could not see anything. I couldn’t believe that I was having a problem with my new camera already. I turned everything off, unlocked my car and started to get in to go home and do some troubleshooting when I found the problem. I had forgotten to take the lens cap off. Oops! Guess it was a case of my blond roots showing!”

Yes, a lens cap moment! LOL… It happens to everyone! As a professional photographer I once forgot to take off my lens cap in front of a large group of rugby players. It was quite a few minutes before they calmed down again after laughing their heads off at me!

The Indian Chief

The above event, common to every photographer, reminds me of an old photography joke…

A photog wanted to capture a picture of an Indian chief. The chief had a feather head dress and was wearing full ceremonial regalia. The photog asked politely if he could take the chiefs photograph.

In a thick accent the Indian Chief said, “You cannot take photo of me”.

Being very respectful the photog asked, “Why is that? Is it because you believe the camera will capture your soul?”.

The Chief replied simply, “You cannot take photo of me”.

The frustrated photog tried again… “Is it because of your traditional beliefs?”

The Chief replied again, “You cannot take photo of me”.

Deciding to have one more go the photog piped up, “I am not sure why you feel so bad about having your photo taken. Is there a way I can help you feel more comfortable so that we can take your photo without causing a problem?”

The Chief replied… “You cannot take photo of me. You must take off lens cap first”.

Photography Humour

I realise I may be opening the flood gates here. But this post has reminded me that actually there is not much photography humour out there. Have any of you got any jokes about photography; funny photography videos or great photos showing the joke is on photographers? If you have any of these, put them in the comments below or send them to me from the Contact Us page. I will of course credit you with any I publish. We can all have fun then!

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By Damon Guy (author and Photokonnexion editor)

Damon Guy - Netkonnexion

Damon Guy (Netkonnexion)

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