Definition: Reverse ring mount adapter

Definition: Reverse ring mount adapter | Glossary entry

Reverse ring mount adapter

A reverse ring mount adapter is an engineered ring with two different sides…

Side 1. Mimics the mount fittings on the back of a lens. It fits directly into the camera body in the lens mount space.

Side 2. A fine thread that matches the filter thread on the front of your photographic lens.

Reverse Ring Mount Adapter Assembly

Reverse Ring Mount Adapter Assembly

The fine thread (side 2) allows the lens to be screwed onto the reverse ring mount adapter. When the filter thread is screwed to the ring the lens/ring assembly can be locked into the lens mount of the camera. This holds the lens in a reversed position onto the front of the camera. Once mounted in a reversed position on the camera the lens acts as a macro lens.

When choosing a reverse ring make sure that it fits the brand and model of your camera (side 1 above) as well as the diameter of the lens filter thread (side 2 above) on the lens you wish to reverse.

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