Conservation photography – keeping nature alive in our thoughts

Conservation photography can help us to connect to nature.

If you capture colour and movement and an eye catching event you have a vibrant image. Through conservation photography, we can keep alive our connection with nature.
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Wonderful world

Life itself is an awesome thing. Here, in this tiny corner of the universe we both celebrate life and destroy it. All life is self-centered. Just surviving is a feat for most forms of life. But humans also have a wider world view. At least, some humans do. Most of us go about our lives at the expense of the environment. We are oblivious to the impact we have on this wonderful world. Conservation photography can help that change.

Our connection to the world around us

Human we may be, but inside we are still animals. We still connect to the world. Every mouth full of food, every breath, we connect. But these things are not as immediate as they once were. In our man-made world we rarely struggle for breath or go short of food. The loss of those imperatives has made us forget our roots. We still need to remember our place. Conservation photography helps us connect.

Conservation photography is about…

Through our images we can help people connect with nature. Even if it is in a small way. As photographers we have a duty to help people see the world, as does any artist. We are well placed to show people the reality, the harshness, the wonder and the loss. Conservation photography is about being an advocate for nature. We should find ways to show our images so people appreciate nature and want to conserve its wonders.

Even a few pictures can have an impact. If you take images of plants, animals or landscapes you can help others connect with nature. Our images can help to keep nature alive and vibrant in people’s minds. If you can, even with a few images, try to explain to people what is right, wrong or dangerous about environmental things and events.

Motivating people to get involved is difficult. Conservation photography helps people to see what is being done. It also helps them see the tragedy of the natural world today. It can help us show people those wonders that are worth conserving. From those pictures people become aware. Awareness is the root of motivation. Any way we can help people connect is a good thing.

Wonderful nature

I was prompted to write this piece on conservation photography after seeing this video. The photographer, Frans Lanting, uses vibrant images to take us into the animal world. His lyrical, almost poetic approach is captivating. His images show a vibrant and emotive connection with nature. The video is a short piece, but the images are amazing.

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