What is Ambient Light?

The understanding of light in all its moods is essential in photography. Without that understanding the photographer is lost. A knowledge of the terms relating to all the different moods and states of light enables us to communicate with our colleagues, understand a shoot and construct a shot. This definition is the meaning of the term ‘Ambient Light‘…

Definition: Ambient Light

Definition: Ambient Light | Glossary entry

Ambient Light

This is light that surrounds you in the location you are shooting. It is unmodified by any photographic lights, reflectors or modifiers. Ambient light can be generated by any light source. It is often the natural background light. It could be considered the normal electric light that is found in the room you are shooting in. It is the prevailing light to which a photographer might add studio lights, flash lights and other modifiers.

When all the special or photographic lights for a shoot are turned off the remaining light is the ambient light.

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