A quick tip to stop colour distractions

Quick Photography Tip

Quick Photography Tip – eliminate distractions

One distraction can draw the viewers eye.

You do not want to distract the viewers eye away from the subject. I often see pictures with a bright and cheerful colour somewhere in the frame. That’s fine and can be effective if it’s the subject that is the bright colour. If it is not the subject then you have created a distraction.

Pay attention to bright colours and objects. The human eye is naturally drawn toward the brightest colour or light. Look through your viewfinder and check if there is a bright spot or bright colour that is not the subject in the frame. If you do have such a distraction then you need to recompose your shot.

Sometimes the bright spot may be as simple as some rubbish on the ground. Other times it may be a bright sign or piece of street furniture. Recomposing the shot means finding a way to take the photograph of your main subject from a different perspective or angle so the bright spot is not in the viewfinder. Simple and effective.

Remember, it is always easier to recompose than it is to spend time in post processing taking something out of the picture.

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