Definition: Aesthetic; Aesthetics;

Definition: Aesthetic;  Aesthetics; | Glossary entry

Aesthetic; Aesthetics;

We are all used to our photographs being looked at by other people. We like to be told we have made a great image. However, what people consider to be beautiful or pleasing varies widely. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder we are told.

Aesthetics is the philosophy of beauty, or of art. When we refer to something as aesthetic we are saying that we appreciate its beauty or its pleasing nature. Aesthetics is all about appreciation and understanding beautiful things.

What we consider to be beautiful is often about composition. Some things have beauty that we naturally appreciate. Our eye may be trained to find them appealing or we find them appealing because that is in-built to humans. Nevertheless they are beautiful. However, we can also create ‘beautiful’. When we do create beautiful then it is ‘composition‘ that makes the difference. Composition is using the principles and techniques of art to create aesthetic outcomes.

Interestingly, while aesthetics is the study of the principles of beauty there is no opposite. We do not have a name for the philosophy or study of ugliness. Unless you know different… Contact Us.