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Definition: Abstract Photography

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Abstract art, in photos and other media, is very much an expression of ideas about things that are not necessarily the subject of the picture. This is not helped by a lot of abstract art being apparently pointless. At least, it appears to be pointless to beginners. In fact the artist or photog have often got clear ideas about why they have done something. Maybe it expresses the character of the subject, or maybe it conveys another idea.

In the picture above I have tried to show the nature of tooth picks. They are about spikiness. The picture brings this out with emphasis. It is a simple pattern shot, the immediate impression is the spikes. When you get into the image the eye sees the nature of the subject. However, the eye gains more of an impression of it in an abstract way. Form, shape and pattern are part of the first impressions. Later, realisation brings out the subject through its essence and detail.

The art of the abstract is both complex and simple. Starters in photography need to be provided with abstract resources to help them know what is relevant. We have developed a range of abstract resources. The aim is to provide key ideas and links to help your understanding grow.

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