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When The Good Shot Turns Out Not-so-good!

Sometimes it takes a lot of shots

Yes, its true. Not every shot works – right? Well, actually I find that if I work the scene, then I might take a lot of shots. Most of them are not quite right. Yes, they may be Good! Nevertheless, as aspiring photographers we know they are not good enough! We should be working towards the killer shot. Not accepting what we know to be average or slightly better. To make it as a photographer we need to make great photos!

So how many shots should you take on a shoot? Well, I analyzed my collection for this year. I find I have a hit rate of about 1 great shot in 34 shots. On my shoots this year I have also averaged nearly 300 shots per shoot. I have sometimes shot many more images than that. There are off-days and good days – like in any job. When I am working for a client I find that many of those shots are usable and the client is pleased. However, only one in 34 of those is the showcase shot; the top notch result. Those great shots are the ones my clients use.

The point is, as an experienced photographer, I usually don’t know which of the shots I take on a shoot is going to be ‘the one’. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. However, the camera screen resolution is so poor that I have to wait until I can get the shot onto a full sized screen. Then the full story will be revealed.

The moral of the story is…

  • Don’t dump a single shot until you have seen them in large size.
  • Hold your judgement until you have done a close examination.
  • Work the scene as much as possible – take lots of shots.
  • Sometimes the killer shot will be a surprise.