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Buy a good tripod – nothing beats it

A good quality tripod? Nothing beats a good tripod. Most people don’t use them until they have struggled with sharpness problems for a long time. Then, without thinking, they buy a cheap tripod. Later they have to think again. That’s … Continue reading

Tripod myths – why are amateurs tripod shy?

Tripods improve your results – fact! Tripod myths can be heard regularly. Actually they make life a lot easier and faster. So, why are amateurs tripod shy? Why buy cheap? Why is simplicity apparently so difficult for tripod starters? Read … Continue reading

Buying a tripod – the essentials

Why would you buy a tripod? Because a tripod is of the central pillar of your sharpness strategy. Without a tripod you are denying yourself the opportunity to use a large proportion of the settings on you camera. Let’s look … Continue reading

When is a tripod not a tripod?

A tripod is not a tripod when it’s another stabiliser! I suggest everyone use a tripod for the sharpest image. Of course they are not always practical. However, there are alternatives. Here are ideas for stabilised working without tripod. Working … Continue reading

A simple introduction to tripod sharpness and tripod heads

Photography Phactoids number 006. Buying a decent tripod can be quite taxing. Getting a quality result requires a quality tripod. Many photographers do not realise how important the tripod head is that fits on top of a good tripod. Today … Continue reading

Definition: Tripod Head

Tripod Head ‘Tripod heads’, are normally fixed on the top platform of a tripod. The head allows you to fix the camera onto the tripod but gives you the flexibility you need to change the camera position. This provides freedom … Continue reading

Three quick tips for working with a tripod

Some clever ideas for tripods OK, it takes a little practice with a tripod to get into it. But if you want to be a good photographer there is at least some occasions when you just have to work with … Continue reading