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Photographic time capsule

Remembering a year is fascinating… If you were to choose five pictures you have made this year to go into a time capsule which would they be? It may be a difficult choice, but it helps you think about a … Continue reading

The meaning in a photograph

What does a photographer mean by their photograph? Photographs are open to interpretation. In fact people see all sorts of meaning in photos as in other forms of media and art. So is there really meaning in photographs? Does the … Continue reading

Landscape loves – do you know why you are photographing this scene?

A landscape ‘snap’ just does not seem to cut it… Many landscape photos are really stimulating for the author, but few other people. The problem? It’s too easy to ‘snap’ a shot that will bring back the moment. You really … Continue reading

Five S’s for super shots

A list to help you make a good image I love a good list. It helps me remember what I have to do. Here is a list of five S’s that will lead you through the basics of making a … Continue reading

Quotes Starter Photographers Should know

Learn from the words of great photographers While these photographers inspire by the power of imagery, they also capture the essence of photography in their words. Here are lessons from the great with updated ideas for aspiring digital photographers. Your … Continue reading

Competition Photography

Competitions change your horizons The talent of many amateur photographers is un-channeled. I have found that, despite not being a very competitive person, competitions make me focus on improving my photography. It has become a mission. I want people to … Continue reading

Have you Put the Viewer in your Picture

Ansel Adams, a famous landscape photographer, once said “There are always two people in every picture – the photographer and the viewer”. By ensuring that the viewer is an intimate part of your picture you are acknowledging you are taking … Continue reading