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Definition: Zone System

Zone System Used mainly by film users. It is a system of defining the relationship between the photographers visualisation of the scene and the final printed results. The system uses a calibrated scheme of light through to dark tonal “zones”. … Continue reading

Beauty in photography is greater than a click

Our experience is everything. As we learn and gain experience we should also grow beyond just the technical. We might start out with just a technical skill. To please ourselves and our viewers our sense of beauty in photography should … Continue reading

Have you got a low photographic hit rate?

A good measure of your success… The hit rate is something that we often artificially inflate. In fact it is common for learners to have a low hit rate. Knowing how to calculate it can help you understand your improvements. … Continue reading

The street photographer who showed no pictures

A new documentary reveals Vivian Maier. A new documentary has been shown on British television. It tells the tale of Vivian Maier. A lonely nanny, she spent most of her career photographically documenting the streets of Chicago in her spare … Continue reading

Seeing what you want to create

Visualise the image you want to make. Producing a picture can be as simple as point and shoot or as complex as a long planned production. To produce great images you often have to go beyond an elementary snap-capture. The … Continue reading

A little used compositional element most photographers forget

We all know it is there… But we cannot see it, smell it or touch it. Gravity is a hidden element in everything we do. Yet it affects the state of our photographic work. It pays to have the idea … Continue reading

Visualise! 80 year old secret of world class photographer revealed

Visualisation – a world-class skill anyone can learn. Photographers are distinguished from “snappers” by consistently and deliberately making photos which spark a vivid image in the viewers mind. The photographer relies on a clear image in their own minds to … Continue reading