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Do you make this one awful mistake in your photos?

The horizon is a main focus of viewing. It’s a strong feature to orientate yourself in the image. When the main line in the shot is wrongly positioned it irritates your audience. This mistake is easily fixed in-camera or in … Continue reading

How to photograph bubbles from the side – water photography

Water and its properties are endlessly fascinating. It is quite easy to get started with water projects. Some simple household items are all that’s needed. In this tutorial we will look at how to create bubble shots like the image … Continue reading

Ten great tips for photographing landscapes

Landscapes appear inherently attractive to the eye. We all love taking landscape shots at some time or another. However, they are also quite a challenge. There are a few simple things that you can do to get a great landscape … Continue reading

Ten important additions to your camera bag

After camera and lenses your camera bag should hold some other essentials. The things you need are not always obvious. But things happen when out shooting. Some extra items in your bag help you to carry on without a hitch. … Continue reading

Photographing the wonder of churches

Churches are really photogenic places. They provide a wide range of interesting materials, textures, contrasts and subjects. The architecture is often magnificent and feature rich. They are tidy, well tended and active social centres. Photographers can find a lot of … Continue reading

Six tips for photographing silhouettes

Shooting silhouettes is about photographing contrasts The only difficulty with silhouettes is seeing them. Our eyes often see detail in scenes that the camera cannot. We take a shot at something and a silhouette comes out – what’s happening? The … Continue reading

Six things you must know for a night shoot

Night shoots can yield great images with a little thought. There are a few things that will help you get better results. Understand your equipment, ensure you have a steady base, work with your settings. After that it’s about your … Continue reading