Nikon Release a Stunning New Model… The D3200

The new Nikon D3200...

New full featured DSLR sets a new standard

Today Nikon announced the release of a new model. It is an advance on the popular D3100. While it is primed for the family and amateur market the D3200 is no lightweight. Boasting a 24 megapixel sensor it matches the ‘pro-photography’ market and could fulfil a niche as a light and flexible camera for the photographer on the move. It is priced to meet the same market that the Canon Rebel/D550 series cameras fill. However, it looks to leave the Canons standing.

The stylish design comes in two colours – Red and black. The advances are not skin deep. Below the surface is a slick imaging machine. The sensor is a 24.2MP DX-format CMOS with great colour fidelity, sharpness and tonal variation. The EXPEED III image processor provides a range of in-camera image manipulation facilities as well as superb picture quality and HD 1080p video. There is a large, 3inch LCD screen which allows bright clear framing, playback, menus and controls as well as ‘Guide Mode’ settings. The menu navigation is intuitive and clear as well as friendly.

The lens mount is suitable for a wide range of Nikkor lenses. The bundled ‘glass’ is the versatile AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G (Vibration Reduction) lens – a mid-range lens with superb optical quality and stabilization. The camera houses an eleven point auto-focus system using phase detection to ensure the quick focus response.

Modern cameras have great ISO and noise reduction systems. The D3200 is no exception. The top level of the ISO range is 12800 and the noise processing is reported to be of high quality. This looks like a great system to meet the full range of light conditions any photographer will encounter.

While the camera is probably best suited to the amateur and family market the large sensor size, excellent video specifications and ease-of-use make it a great opportunity for entry-level users to buy a camera they can grow into. On top of that there is the added bonus of wireless.

The D3200 looks like being the first truly mobile enabled DSLR. A small plug-in accessory is going to be available that will enable the camera as a mobile device. Called the WU-1a wireless mobile adapter the unit will automatically connect with your smartphone for upload. It will even let you use your phone to control the camera to take shots and video. There is an intuitive app. to help the process along on your phone. Get the shot and share it all in one! That beats hands down the limited and geeky Canon wireless offering on the Canon IXUS.

Combined with the other features of this camera, the wireless will be a big boost for sales. In the mobile world of today the camera manufacturers have lagged behind. Nikon have obviously decided to take a leap with this camera and it is aimed at the right end of the market. Great news. Lets hope the likes of Canon and others will follow suit. At the moment the camera manufacturers are looking decidedly behind the times in terms of wireless access and facilities. Nikon is clearly determined to break the barriers.

Another feature that will excite the mobile generation is the in-camera editing features. Mobile phones have got streets ahead of cameras on editing. Well the D3200 is fighting back. The camera features a ‘Retouch Menu’. It offers a whole range of post processing features… Resize, Color sketch, Selective colour and other process tools. The traditional ‘red-eye‘ correction, and Monochrome (Black-and-white, Sepia and Cyanotype), is available along with Filter effects (Skylight, Warm filter, Red intensifier, Green intensifier, Blue intensifier, Cross screen and Soft). Other features include: Color balance, Image overlay, RAW processing, Quick retouch, Straighten, Distortion, Fisheye, Color outline, Perspective control and miniaturisation. It is also possible to edit your video clips in the camera too.

It is looking like European distribution and sales will begin sometime in May/June. Of course we will keep you posted on that and ensure that you get the latest on this camera as we know more. In the meantime this looks like being the most forward looking DSLR to come out for some time and it smashes the preconceptions of recent times about DSLRs. if you are looking to get your first DSLR and love to share your pictures this could be the mean machine you are looking for to do the right thing!

The Nikon D3200... stylish and a new standard in size and power!

The Nikon D3200... stylish and a new standard in size and power!

The Nikon D3200... A new standard in wireless connectivity.

The Nikon D3200... A new standard in wireless connectivity.

The Nikon D3200... High resolution and 24 megapixel

The Nikon D3200... High resolution and 24 megapixel - A market breakthrough for the amateur, family and mobile generations. The camera has pretentions to the professional photographer market too. The 24 megapixel sensor will allow large print sizes.

The Nikon D3200... great facilities and intuative menu navigation and use.

The Nikon D3200... great facilities and intuative menu navigation and use.

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