Family photography – a shared interest refreshes family life

Family photography can stimulate the family unit.

Family photography can stimulate the family unit.

Losing sight of things

Often family life can cause a couple to lose touch with each other. They settle down together and ‘life’ takes over. The interests that bought them close in the first place get side-lined. Careers, mortgages and children become the focus instead.

I see so many couples in my sessions where the focus has been lost. Ordinary life ‘things’ get in the way of fun and growth for the couple, as a couple. Now they begin to wonder why they’re together. They can also begin to question their future union.

Family photography – a new beginning

Taking up a new hobby can bring the whole family back together. A new shared interest involves everyone. Each can easily progress at a pace which suits them.

I’m a great believer in family photography to bring a new focus into the family unit. Age is not a barrier. Great digital cameras are cheap too. Everyone can become involved at their level of skill, and in any weather or season.

Trips out for other activities can be enhanced with family photography. Everyone can take part in finding interesting photos to take. There is also the added bonus that days out are captured from several stand-points. Even a walk on a dull day can be made much more exciting. Try setting mini competitions for the most unusual photo!

Education through family photography

Educational benefits for the children are huge. Their horizons expand. They learn to really look at what is around them. They stop taking their surroundings for granted. But they gain so much more than this. The children learn about harmony and contact away from the distractions of home. They soak up the importance of family time. They see how to take time over an activity. They find out how to get the best results. Later, back at home, the post-processing is another lesson where you can all learn. At the end of it they have images to show for their efforts. Family photography brings all sorts of benefits.

Family photography benefits for parents

For parents the benefits can be immense but be very subtle.

To begin with, the parents create time and space to be together. Family photography is the new focus. They also learn to use their eyes more. By doing so they begin to know each others body language better. It is accepted that 55% of communication is via the body. Expressions, gestures and posture are important. The deeper the parents understand each other the more they can grow and help each other.

Grow together

You can open your eyes to the world around you with family photography. You will become so much more adept at understanding the human beings too. And, that is a focus to knit you into a tighter family unit. In the future you will also have an enduring record of your family growing together.

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Post contributed by :: Linden Porter

Linden Porter is a professional relationship coach in Buckinghamshire, UK. She is also a keen photographer. ( External link - opens new tab/page).

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