Definition: Wrap; To Finish; Light Type

Definition: Wrap; To Finish; Light Type | Glossary entry

Wrap; To Finish; Light Type

The term ‘Wrap’ is used in two main ways:

Wrap (to finish):
At the end of a shoot the term ‘Wrap’ is used to say that it is time to pack up. When something is a ‘wrap’ the term is describing a completed shoot. Sometimes a ‘wrap party’ is given at the end of the shoot if it has been a long or arduous one (most often used on film sets).

Wrap (a type of light):
Large light sources tend to create soft light. Large softboxes and lights that have a large diffusion screen in front of them are often described as a wrap. When the light source is large, compared to the subject, the light will ‘wrap’ itself around the subject showing the characteristic soft-edged shadows that are the result of soft light.


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