Definition: Bellows, photographic

Definition: Bellows, photographic | Glossary entry

Bellows, photographic

Bellows are used to change the focal length of a lens to any length in its range. They are placed between the camera and the lens. They are held in place on a rack which allows the bellows to be extended or compressed with precision. Extending/compressing the bellows changes the focal length which in turn allows the lens range, image size and field of view to be changed.

Photographic Bellows • From Wikipedia

• Photographic Bellows •
The picture shows a bellows set-up for macro photography with the lens reversed in order to magnify the subject.
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• Camera Bellows on Wikipedia • External link - opens new tab/page

Bellows cameras (View cameras) have had a long history and have taken on many forms. Here you can see a wide variety of designs: Google image search page – “Bellows camera”  External link - opens new tab/page

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