Canon 5D III woe fixed with black tape!

Black tape fixes light leak in new Canon 5D mkIII

Black tape fixes light leak in new Canon 5D mkIII.
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Electrical tape fixes the problem

Hands up if you have used sticky tape to fix something… yup, I guess most people have. Now top camera manufacturer, Canon, have too.

Earlier this year the new Canon 5D mkIII ran into trouble when a light leak became apparent behind an LED display. According to the tape fix is light-tight. Roger Cicala says in his latest posting, “Some people seem to think tape is a bad or cheap fix. It’s Not.” He goes on to say that this tape is extremely durable and the fix… “works flawlessly”. It “seems silly, but it’s logical and effective”.

The problem does not undermine the testing process at Canon. It is not possible to test every scenario or new developments would never make it to the consumer at a reasonable price. We now know how unlikely the problem scenario is to arise. Canon have dealt with the issue confidently and quickly and are shipping with a simple fix. This sort of issue arises frequently in hi-technology first releases. There appears to be little reason to lose confidence in Canon. If your camera is affected Canon will fix the problem for you.

The light leak in the new Canon 5D mkII caused upset, production delays and delayed shipping. After investigation Canon issued a notice to assure users and offered to fix the problem free of charge. Independent scrutiny has confirmed Canons examination of the problem. The light leak skews the results of the automatic light meter readings. However, this only happens in extreme low-light/dark conditions. The use of auto-metering in extreme low-light is an unlikely scenario. Canon say that there is insignificant effect on exposure.

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