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Night photography – let the sparks fly!

Photography at night is an intense experience. Not only is darkness powerful but the shock of light is even more invigorating. Put the two together and you have a formula for great impact. In this article Steve Maidwell gives us … Continue reading

An easy way to gain photographic confidence

How do you assess your own knowledge? Many beginners know more than they can recite. Physically doing photography helps. That way you get in a habit of doing photographic procedures to help you remember. Here are some other ideas to … Continue reading

Ten obvious reasons to change your approach and how to do it

Your photograph is not perfect. You see good quality photographs every day. Why does your photo not match up to the photographic quality in a publication? What can you do? The answer is simple. You need to look at your … Continue reading

Can you really trust your camera battery? 12 ways to protect against battery failure.

A key component in your equipment is power. Without power your camera stops. The battery is a most important link in the workflow of your shoot. Get it wrong, the shoot comes to an abrupt end. Here are some ways … Continue reading

Simple tips to save you from disaster on your photoshoot!

Am I preaching to the converted? Ever gone on a shoot and forgotten something? I have. If you’re like me you will have a bag packed ready. But, check the night before. Things may have changed. Here is some help. … Continue reading

How Safe Is Your camera sensor from dust?

Your image sensor is your camera! Without it, you have no means of taking pictures. It makes sense to look after it and to prevent dust from getting onto the working surface. What can you do if it does get … Continue reading

Three quick tips for photographing people at work for your employer

Photographers often have to photograph people at work. It is easy to forget who you are photographing. Although these people may be your friends, you still need to put them into context. Work is not just about friendship, it is … Continue reading