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By Katie McEnaney (contributing author)

Katie is an elementary school teacher in Wisconsin, USA. She is an avid photographer with wide interests. She is always interested in learning more and growing in her photography. By Katie McEnaney (Archaeofrog) #12913#

Inexpensive Close-Up Photography – Tips and Tricks

Easy, budget macro. Macro or close-up photography is accessible without investing in a pricey macro lens. The first three articles in this series covered techniques for inexpensive macro-level results: close-up lenses, reverse rings, and extension tubes. In this article, I … Continue reading

Inexpensive Close-Up Photography – Extension Tubes

Simple tubes bring remarkable results. Macro photography allows you to capture images of small subjects, detail and pattern. Unfortunately, macro lenses are expensive. In the last two articles I looked at inexpensive ways to do close-up photography. These showed how … Continue reading

Inexpensive Close-Up Photography – Reverse Rings

Anyone can use reverse rings. Close-up or macro photography is something every photographer should try. However, a macro lens can be an expensive investment. This series covers inexpensive ways to get great close-up results. The first article “Inexpensive Close-Up Photography … Continue reading

Inexpensive Close-Up Photography – close-up rings

Close up Lenses… Photographers are often drawn to small, fascinating details in the world around them. Dedicated macro lenses can cost a lot of money, but you don’t need one to get started with close-up photography. This article will explore … Continue reading

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