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Gentle soul, complex character – Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams – a gentle soul – also the greatest landscaper of all? He is one of my favourite photographers. He is probably one of the best known image-makers in the world. Widely known among both photogs, and the man … Continue reading

Ansel Adams – a photography legend

Images that expressed the majesty in nature. Ansel Adams became a legend in his own lifetime. He saw something special in landscapes. That “something” bought alive the majesty we feel when we are awed by natural landscapes. Yet he was … Continue reading

Documentary… Ansel Adams

The thinker-photographer… There is a great deal to be said about Ansel Adams. He was a great photographer, thinker and artist. He was also an accomplished musician. This post was about Ansel Adams. Unfortunately the video was taken down from … Continue reading

Ansel Adams – Master Photographer

Exquisite insights to a legend. The videos I show are usually for you to quickly watch and learn. This one’s different. It’s longer (34 mins.). And, there is so much in it that you will want to watch it over … Continue reading

Ansel Adams makes his own statement about visualisation

Excellent… After my visualisation article I came across this video today. Who better to tell us about visualisation than the great man himself. This is Ansel Adams, the great landscape photographer, giving us his interpretation of the visualisation experience. This … Continue reading

Three photographic heroes (pt 1) – Ansel Adams

Its good to have heroes! In contemporary culture they are often elevated to super-beings. My photographic heroes are of the old school. They’re people to look up to, people who represent thought and development in photography. So here are three … Continue reading

Landscape photography problems – think clearly, think ahead

Landscape photography problems are not your first thought! I have done my fair share of landscape photography over the years. As a lover of great open areas and natural scenery I have done a lot of thinking about the problems … Continue reading