Definition: Photoblog

Definition: Photoblog | Glossary entry


Photobloggers predominantly post photographs rather than text posts. In many cases words are not used at all. Although Photobloggers can add text if they wish. There is normally space for comments from viewers of the photoblog. On some photoblogging sites the photoblogger may also be able to add video and music.

Photoblog sites differ widely in their format. Some are difficult to distinguish from an ordinary text blog. Some concentrate on a constant stream of photographs. Usually the design of the photoblog allows for the photographs to be displayed more prominently than the text. Some photoblogging sites have been keen to show that they are able to host blogs of a wider scope than just photographs. So the lines are blurred between a text blog with pictures and a photoblog with text. However, photoblogs normally have a proportionately higher photo posting than text posting.

Photoblog sites and independent photoblogs rely on their followers, friends and links to be successful. In that respect they are a part of the wider social networking phenomenon on the Internet. How the networking between blogs occurs is different according to the blog platform or site where the blog is hosted. However, photoblogs all have one thing in common – the goal is to get your photographs seen by others. In general, the bonding between posting photobloggers is the comments they make about each others pictures.