Snowflake Photographs by Wilson “snowflake” Bentley

Snowflake photographs by Wilson "snowflake" Bentley

• Snowflake Photographs by Wilson “snowflake” Bentley •
Wilson “snowflake” Bentley was famous for his snowflake photographs. Nearly a century after his death we are still using the images.

Snowflake Photographs taken on glass plates

Wilson “snowflake” Bentley (February 9, 1865 – December 23, 1931) was famous for his snowflake photographs. He did it so well that today we still use the images. He also originated many of our ideas about snowflakes. He posed the original idea that all snowflakes were unique and six sided. The great detail of snowflake photographs like this one above is dependent on the processes involved. Bentley was working with early chemicals on glass plates. So the detail and clarity of these images is testament to the supreme skill he bought to the task. Today many of his snowflake photographs have been digitised  Snowflake photographs at the Buffalo Museum of Science - External link - opens new tab/page as you see here. They are of high quality with good contrast. The skills and many of his ideas and techniques are still used today.

Quick, the first flakes are coming; the couriers of the coming snow storm. Open the skylight, and directly under it place the carefully prepared blackboard, on whose ebony surface the most minute form of frozen beauty may be welcome from cloud-land. The mysteries of the upper air are about to reveal themselves, if our hands are deft and our eyes quick enough.
Wilson A. Bentley, “The Story of the Snow Crystals” Harper’s Monthly Magazine, 104 (1901:Dec.-1902:May)

Wilson Bentley devoted much of his life to Snowflake Photographs. The work contributed to our modern ideas about their photography. He was also involved in the discovery of the science and physics behind snowflakes and snowflake photography.

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