How To Get Started In Levitation Photography

Some photography ideas are pretty daft, but huge fun! Levitation shots are in vogue at the moment. Lots of people are doing them and there are lots of different types of shots. Getting started is easy and it is something that you can do almost anywhere.

Before going any further you should look at this website… Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary External link - opens new tab/page. She does some remarkable levitation images in all sorts of wonderful locations. Have a look back through some of her great images.

There are two different types of levitation shots. The first are like the ones in the website above. They are composed by capturing a jumper posing in the air. The other type of levitation shots are done by posing your subject on a small support while the picture is taken and cloning it out afterwards.

I have found a video that shows how much fun it can be to try the jumping idea out. Anyone can do it. A bit of perseverance and some good ideas and away you go. Here are a few things I picked out from the video as reminders…

  • Make it look like you are in an ‘on the ground’ pose
  • Try to be graceful
  • Arrange clothes and hair so it does not get affected by air movement
  • Try to capture the shot on the upward journey
  • Using props to help the shot look more interesting
  • The location helps the shot, choose interesting places
  • Be prepared to make lots of mistakes
  • Trail and error, uses lots of shots, but gets results

I am sure that with a little bit of discovery work you can come up with other ideas yourself.

The second video is an introduction to using an image editor for creating levitation shots. You see some of the tricks of the trade employed to photograph the subject on supports. Then some editing to remove them and the end results. Enjoy!

Some great levitation pictures

The best ways of getting photo-examples is to find some images on Google. Search for ones that relate to the subject you are interested in finding out about. In this case I entered “levitation photos” into that search engine and got some excellent examples. So try this search now… Levitation Photos on Google images Levitation Photography | External link - opens new tab/page

Some more images about levitation can be found on most gallery sites. Check this one out at 365Project… Levitation photographs on 365Project

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