Happy New Year 2015…

Have a Happy New Year 2015

Have a Happy New Year 2015

Make 2015 an exceptional year of photography

A happy new year 2015 to you and all our readers! This is a quick message to wish all our readers a happy, prosperous and highly photographic year.

Make this a great photography year – learn new techniques and skills. Every photog spends most of their photography time learning and developing. Photography is an art. Each shot is a creative opportunity to develop our artistic skills. And, we also need to develop our technical skills.

Happy New Year 2015… how we can help you

On Photokonnexion we help you with both creative and technical skills. There are over 1000 pages of photographic wisdom here. Each article has ideas and techniques to help you develop your photography. Make good use of them. They can help you be a learning photographer – a better photographer.

We love to post solutions to your problems. Email us from the Contact Us page. Let us know what could help you. We will be happy to find ideas to move your photography forward.

We want your Happy New Year 2015 to be a top photography year for you. So think about requesting articles too. We will be happy to write posts to help you develop. If you have a subject of interest to you and our readers, let us know. We will write something to help all our readers.

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Don’t forget we have an active Twitter account: @Photokonnexion. Every day we post twenty to thirty quick motivational tweets and great tips for photogs. We answer questions and provide help. With more than 16,000 followers we have an active community there. So feel free to join in the fun. Learn something too. Just click the button below.

Happy New Year 2015

We hope Photokonnexion will make a difference to your photography this year. Have a happy new year 2015.

Damon Guy
Photokonnexion Editor

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Damon Guy - Netkonnexion

Damon Guy (Netkonnexion)

Damon is a writer-photographer and editor of this site. He has run some major websites, a computing department and a digital image library. He started out as a trained teacher and now runs training for digital photogs.
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  1. Just looked at this post and saw that your New Years photo is very similar to mine. I will send me to you through email. 🙂