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Photokonnexion Editor, Damon Guy

Photokonnexion Editor, Damon Guy

A short bio of the editor

I first began doing digital photography in 2000 – long before becoming editor here. Prior to using a digital camera, I had already been working with digital images for many years. This was a part of my work in computing. As a keen photog all my life, my passion for images was renewed by digital photography.

Today, as editor, my experience with digital photography is complemented by more than 20 years experience with digital images. Photography is still exciting and my passion for making images is intense. As a keen competitor in photographic competitions stretching my limits is still fun. A keen camera club committee member, I also run the practical learning sessions for my club.

Today, I write about digital photography and teach it too. I run this website as managing editor and do work as a photographer. I teach photography to individuals, classes and courses. My students learn to use their camera in manual mode for better, more controlled results.

What the editor aims to do

Photokonnexion aims to help you get past the frustrations of learning photography. Our articles are aimed at providing new insights, skills and techniques. As editor I try to make sure that we help all levels of photographer. Beginners will gain basic knowledge to get started. Improvers will be able to extend their knowledge. Advanced photogs will profit from exploring new ideas and revising the basics of old interests.

Photography is all about having fun and getting great images. This site aims to help you learn about making images and is also there to help you have fun. Enjoy the site.

Damon Guy

Damon Guy - Netkonnexion

Damon Guy (Netkonnexion)

Damon is a writer-photographer and editor of this site. He has run some major websites, a computing department and a digital image library. He started out as a trained teacher and now runs training for digital photogs.
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